Why expert.ai?


What is expert.ai?

Expert.ai is a mature and highly refined Natural Language Processing/Understanding (NLP/NLU) software suite which enables an organization to process textual data streams or repositories, autogenerate sophisticated metadata, enable discovery of hidden or inferred substantive content, and power a wide variety of analytic tools.

Expert.ai places “content into context,” supporting broad horizontal and deep vertical excursions within massive textual streams or holdings. Unlike technologies that rely on keywords, statistics, and probabilistic algorithms that process text as a string of characters, expert.ai considers the substantive concepts expressed or implied within a corpus. As a result, expert.ai captures the real “sense” of any text; it identifies and categorizes the text elements and assigns them to their logical and grammatical role, and then analyzes context and text structure to perform accurate disambiguation of words that have more than one meaning.

Expert.ai is an operationally-proven technology that will cost effectively transform your data environment, enhance your existing tool set, and modernize your analytic workflow.

Expert.ai's Discriminators

  • Expert.ai is a mature and widely-deployed Semantic Analysis NLP/NLU technology that outperforms – in both precision and granularity – competitors
  • Applies morphological, grammatical, logical, and inferential analysis resulting in superior disambiguation by replicating the cognitive process
  • Auto-generates extremely rich and sophisticated metadata delivering high-performance data for traditional or customized analytic toolsets
  • Performs rapid categorization and summarization of content, allowing time saving triage and prioritization of incoming text
  • Enables broad horizontal and deep vertical exploration of data holdings, uniquely applying inference analytics to enhance the “discovery” process

Expert.ai’s Value Propositions

  • Enhanced Data Performance: Our approach to content exploitation makes data smart, consumable, and meaningful, increasing its value, reach, and impact for analysts, investigators, and decision makers, regardless of the problem or mission-set to which they are assigned.
  • Enhanced Analytic Performance: Whether standing watch, tactically exploiting a cache of documents, or producing strategically important foreknowledge, our technologic approach drives prioritization of effort, helps generate leads and hypotheses, and facilitates the act of discovery.
  • Increased Efficiency: Savings in both time and resources accrue from our ability to precisely categorize and contextualize huge volumes of information, drive data interoperability with sophisticated content tagging, and apply advanced knowledge management approaches.
  • Return on Investments: The ability to place our products at various and multiple points along the data-to-knowledge creation continuum allows for extraordinary flexibility in deployment options and enhances the efficacy of your existing analytic, case management, and visualization tools. Expert.ai also saves time/cost by auto-generating rich metadata.
  • No Vendor Handcuffs: Our solutions offer the customer the freedom to edit existing taxonomies or create new ones without having to incur the cost of additional vendor services.


  • Metadata: expert.ai processes textual content and autogenerates sophisticated metadata, enabling organizations to organize and discover information and power analytic tools.
  • Categorization: expert.ai classifies content, and organizes it hierarchically with a comprehensive approach. Our Mission Linguistic Packages include over 1,500 categories specific to the national security and intelligence domain.
  • Entity Extraction: expert.ai locates, and extracts named entities or other semi-structured information (names, places, organizations, addresses, custom terms or concepts) from the text being analyzed.
  • Emotion Extraction: Our software extracts over 80 different emotions and attributes such as fear, happiness, anger, desire, surprise, etc. disclosed or inferred within the analyzed text.
  • Relationships: expert.ai identifies and reveals the details of semantic relationships between and among entities within a document or across and entire corpus.